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What Is an Ultrasound for Varicose and Spider Veins?

If you think that you may have varicose veins, then there is an easy and non-invasive way to scan your varicose veins, Duplex ultrasound visualization. The ultrasound is particularly useful in helping delineate the presence of any defective veins and will also help to pinpoint any of those veins that could require intervention. There is also the Doppler ultrasound which is a device used to measure and detect blood flow.

The Doppler ultrasound can also provide extra information about the flow through the valves inside any of the deeper veins. If you are required to get surgery or to consider it, then these ultrasounds will be very useful. Many people suffering from varicose veins won’t always have the same or any of the physical symptoms, but they may have quite serious concerns over the physical appearance of the varicose veins. 

Some of the symptoms of varicose veins may include, but not be limited to:

Some people who are suffering from varicose veins may also complain of dull aches and pressure sensations from their varicose veins. Some of the other symptoms of varicose veins that aren’t as common as the ones listed above may include bleeding, thrombophlebitis (blood clots within the varicose veins), skin ulceration and weeping and oozing dermatitis or stasis dermatitis. If you believe that you may be suffering from varicose veins, then you can get a thorough evaluation from a general physical examination by your health care provider. 

During this examination, they will most likely inquire about your family history of varicose veins and discuss any of the symptoms you may be suffering from. Your health care provider will most likely ask you to stand to help the detection of any varicose veins while they conduct a general inspection and palpation of the veins themselves.