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Voda Vein Center is a unique medical center that specializes in outpatient treatment of venous diseases.

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vein doctor near me

Vein Doctor Near Me

Voda Vein Center was founded by Dr. Samson M. Chan, who wanted to use his experience, skill, and philosophy of care to help patients with venous diseases in an office setting. Dr. Chan is a surgeon who is formally trained in and who specializes in minimally-invasive office-based vein treatments. Dr. Chan really enjoys the happiness he brings patients by using the latest in state-of-the-art treatments to help patients with their vein problems. Dr. Chan has successfully performed thousands of vein procedures, and is a professor active in teaching other doctors, medical students and healthcare workers on his techniques. 

In addition to the expert care, what makes us different at Voda Vein Center is our patient centered philosophy. We want you to get the time, attention, and respect you deserve. Vein disease is complex and can vary greatly, and we will create a unique treatment plan made especially for you. We spend time to encourage questions, and we want you to feel empowered in improving your own health. For those with busy workhours, we offer convenient night and weekend openings, all for our patient’s convenience. 

Come in one of our locations and feel the Voda difference.