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Varicose and spider veins during pregnancy

Pregnancy itself is the cause of hypercoagulability in women. What that means is you are more likely to form blood clots than when you are not pregnant. This is due to survival advantage of women and prevention of blood loss during delivery. The same mechanism that can prevent access blood loss during delivery can also have an adverse effect on your health. Blood clots can form in the leg and travel to the lungs where they can cause problems breathing. They can also travel to the heart and in rare cases to the brain. The same risk is the reason that we do not recommend any women that are pregnant to be treated for their vein disease.

However, they are many ways to help prevent the formation of blood clots and to improve circulation. One of the easiest ways is to wear graduated compression stockings. 

However, not all women are fit for compression stockings. Compression stockings have to be specially made to fit your size otherwise they can cause more harm than good. If you have varicose veins or are concerned about vein disease during pregnancy come in and speak to our doctor.