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Prevention of varicose veins

Greater healing plants of the world: yarrow

Numerous species of plants have extremely healing properties.

Some of them are rare and hard to find, but some are just around.

They are found everywhere in nature, it is a shame not to take advantage of their benefits.

One of the extremely widespread plants, which is at your fingertips is yarrow.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is popularly known as yarrow, milfoil, vervain fern, rabbits, moonlight.

Most of these calls originate from ancient history and some of them symbolize the use of this modest but very useful plant.

So the story from long ago show that the robbers wore around their neck a garland woven of yarrow and have it treated and alleviated the injury, from which came the name originated milfoil.

In addition to the healing properties of this plant in the past and attributed magical properties.

It helps with inflammation and swelling, stimulates appetite and eases migraine!

There was a belief that yarrow protects from evil forces, and that the bundle of yarrow set to the door ahead of the Midsummer Night to protect members of the household of the disease - hence the name derives lady's bedstraw.

Curative effect yarrow

Yarrow successfully relieves many health problems.

It can be used in the form of tea, capsules, as a spot-like bath.

It has anti-inflammatory activity and is a great help with the swelling and inflammation.

Application of yarrow on a fresh wound successfully stopped the bleeding and speeds up the clotting process.

Consumption of this plant has a positive effect on the urinary and digestive system.

It helps in the treatment of infections of the urinary bladder, relieves spasms of the stomach and abdomen, helps with lack of appetite and bloating.

The plant yarrow is a friend of the woman as a beneficial effect on women's problems; eases painful periods, relieves menstrual cramps, reduces excessive menstrual bleeding and regulates menstruation.

Yarrow stimulates sweating and successfully lowers fever caused by flu and colds.

This herb helps lower blood pressure, helps with prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

A great help to purify the blood and circulation, as well as for treatment of bloody coughing and to stop bleeding from the nose.

Yarrow has proven to be very successful in treating the initial stage of diabetes.


Curative effect yarrow
helps with inflammation and swelling
stops bleeding and accelerates blood clotting
untreated bladder infection
regulates digestion
stimulates appetite
relieves menstrual cramps
successfully treated heartburn
eliminates dizziness and nausea
relieves rheumatism and cold
suppresses fever
helps lower blood pressure
eases migraine
treats varicose veins and hemorrhoids
relieves symptoms of menopause