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Prevention of varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins

Synonyms: measures of prevention of venous diseases, prevent varicose veins, varicose veins prophylaxis, exercise for the veins, vein protection, proper nutrition for veins, vein favoritism, protection of venous disease

Better safe than sorry - the old adage. Unfortunately, for many people that tend to have varicose veins preventive measures will be limited. However, they can never be ignored, and can be particularly useful in the initial stages of venous diseases.

Here are some measures that we recommend:

 wear comfortable, anatomic footwear, where necessary and orthopedic insoles - poor structural design and ligament laxity with flat feet significantly affect the development of venous diseases leg

Reduce weight - increased body weight is well recognized risk factor for developing varicose veins

Avoiding prolonged standing and sitting, occasionally holding the leg in an elevated position

Avoiding heat (sauna, solarium, thermal) or excessive exposure to the sun and use sunscreen with sun

Avoid carrying heavy loads and expressed physical stress - during heavy physical exertion increases the pressure in the abdomen, which directly affects the spread of the leg veins

Rational use of oral contraceptives or estrogen substitution hormone therapy, in consultation with a doctor

Wearing elastic stockings, on the advice of doctors


Exercises for veins that act protectively and reducing symptoms are:

recreational walking


Recreational Cycling

recreational swimming in warm water

Wash with lukewarm water, in a standing position; exercise of lifting and lowering the toes

exercise with movements in the ankle, which depends on the effectiveness of the muscle pump (see photo)

Walking in water up to his waist



Nutrition - The following food tips are certainly good to general health aspects, and may help with vein:

diet rich bioflavinoids - compounds that reinforce vein wall and make it more elastic and thus prevent or delay the spread of veins - bioflavinoidi can be found in some tablets, which the doctor has prescribed, or are present in foods, particularly in peaches, blueberries, black berries and broccoli

light food with little fat and a lot of vitamins

generally fresh fruits, vegetables, and olive oil

more fish and less of sausages, fatty meats and full-fat cheeses

vitamin C

take plenty of fluids - especially water (aqua and sanitas)