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My Vein Story ...

My name is Alex and I am 32. I work in hotel industry so I have spent a lot of time standing. I figured I was too young to get any kind of pain or anything but my legs begun to hurt more and more. Then at night I started having pain and swelling. Cramps came on and off.

I am a person that likes to diy and started looking for some home remedies for my vein issues. I have been reading a lot on that. Some people say I need to exercise, some articles stating I need to feed well, some offer different herbs and teas but at the end they all say it is preventive only. I was afraid of going to doctor because I figured I was too young to do any kind of procedure and people would start saying they come back etc. This pain started being worse and worse. I could hardly go to work and I started being afraid I might have to quit my job. I felt pain while spending lots of time sitting too. 

So I got a recommendation from my friend to visit Dr. Chan. I figured I can hear him talk and it is free anyway so I went. I told him I don’t want any surgery. Lol…that is the first thing I told him when I saw him. He took a look at my legs and because I did not have any huge visible signs of varicose veins or spider veins he suggested an ultrasound. He needed to see what is going on and if I have any varicose veins at all. 

Ultrasound took about 30 minutes. The room was dark and so I could clearly see on the monitor my varicose veins. Well…not clearly because they had to explain to me…I was no expert but it showed my varicose veins. The blood flow in my legs was going opposite way and that is why I had so much pain and swelling. Itchiness too. Dr. Chan took a look at the Ultrasound and suggested I try the compression stockings treatment for some time. I got my stockings for free because Insurance pays for the first pair. 

Next day at work I felt the difference already. The stockings were working. I had a really hard time putting them on but I felt much better. It felt like putting some hard rubber on your legs. You get alsmost used to them after a while but it is rather annoying. I could continue with my work so I was relieved. Quitting my job would be fatal for me because I have spent so much time at that hotel and it is the only thing I know how to do. 

Next appointment they checked my veins but it was all there. Nothing was fixed wearing the stockings. My legs felt better but not completely. Doctor explained that if he does the laser treatment on varicose veins that healthy veins will take over the blood flow and will be ok. I finally accepted. I went to office and the treatment was done under 50 minutes. I felt no pain nothing. I could not believe that it was so minimally invasive. If I knew before I would have done it. 

To make long story short my legs feel great now.