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5 Facts You Need to Know About Varicose Veins

5 Facts You Need to Know About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one the most common conditions that can happen to anyone, irrespective of everything. It basically appears as enlarged and twisted network of veins. While most people consider these popping blue veins as an unpleasant sight to see, the fact remains that these dilated blood vessels point towards some health hazard. In simple words, these veins appear as bulging or exaggerated cords in your legs and relate to abnormality.

So, In case you are one of those individuals who has been ignoring this bulging network of veins, you should take a moment out and give a read to these facts about varicose veins to see what is really going on inside your body.

Fact No.1: Varicose Veins can occur in anyone, anytime, anywhere

Contrary to the myth that varicose veins occurs mostly in elder age, the fact is that it can happen to anyone. While the elder age bracket and conditions like pregnancy can make things worse, varicose veins are most likely to develop in individuals who undertake strenuous tasks. Most commonly, they develop in the calf and legs region, but can develop in the arms and face area, as spider veins.

Fact No.2: Varicose Veins are a Skin deep issue

It is not necessary that the veins "pop-out" in case of varicose veins. In case the body bears more fat, then it is more likely to appear as a rather faded network of veins. However, the appearance does not relate to the intensity of the inflammation itself. As a matter of fact, if left untreated, the symptoms of varicose veins are expected to worsen up.

Fact No.3: Several Factors can cause Varicose Veins to Develop

There are several factors which can contribute to such venous problem. The most common reasons include:

  • Genetics
  • Long periods of standing, walking or strenuous work
  • Obesity, as excess of fat puts the muscle under a lot of work
  • Age factor, as with age the elasticity of the veins gets affected
  • Pregnancy, as it involves hormonal changes in the women’s body

Fact No.4: Varicose veins can cause serious health complications

Varicose veins is a venous problem, which occurs due to some abnormality in the blood circulatory system of the body. Basically, the blood in the veins gets pumped with the help of muscle contractions, but sometimes under stress and other reasons, the blood is not pushed as abruptly as it should be, putting the veins under pressure. As a result, the veins start to expand and enlarge, which appear as prominent, bulging network on the muscle area under stress. If this condition gets worse, although the plausibility of which is rare, several complications can occur such as:

  • Burning, Aching and cramps in the muscle area
  • Hardening and inflammation of veins
  • Ulcers
  • Spontaneous bleeding
  • Blood clots

Fact No.5: Varicose veins are highly treatable

The condition itself can be avoided by self-care techniques like exercising, relaxing etc. However, in such circumstances where varicose veins develop, effective and affordable treatments do exist. The treatment depends on the intensity of condition itself. Some common solutions such as Micro-Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Treatment are widely used to not only treat this venous problem but also make sure that the condition never occurs again.

Anything that appears unnatural or out of the ordinary should be looked into, before it gets worse. Varicose veins appears more as a cosmetic problem, although it is, in reality, a serious threat to the systematic venous system of the human body.