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Voda Vein Center is a unique medical center that specializes in outpatient treatment of venous diseases.

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About vein disease

FACT: Chronic venous disease is commonly ignored, underdiagnosed, and undertreated.

FACT: Studies have shown the disease to be in more than 56% of men and 73% of women!

FACT: Compared to tradition treatments, recent advance treatments for vein disease are quick, effective, and with minimal down-time.

Vein disease has many faces. You may see it as unsightly spider veins on yours or your loved one's legs. You may see it as rope-like varicose veins that swell and bulge. You may not have seen vein disease at all - vein disease can appear as achiness, pain, itching, and other symptoms that are commonly ignored. In late stages, vein disease can also progress to skin ulcers, infection, and can cause blood clots.

So what causes vein disease? In unhealthy or damaged veins, the valves naturally directing the blood in your veins do not work properly. These faulty and weak valves allow deoxygenated blood to pool in your legs and other areas, causing spider and varicosed veins, as well as, causing symptoms like heaviness, aching, swelling and pain. This process deprives your cells of oxygen, causing skin darkening and breakdown, and can lead to ulcers and more serious problems.

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